Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day and Other News

Hope all the moms out there are having a wonderful day. My day began with breakfast in bed made by my husband and son, along with my daughter's special contribution: chocolate covered strawberries, which should, in my humble opinion, be their own food group. They are one of my all-time FAVORITE things. I also received some candy and flowers and a HUGE card declaring me the best mom ever. Since my kids are 16 and 13 I suppose I should count myself as fortunate that they still think so with all my many rules and restrictions that make their lives so miserable. Hey, that's my job, right?

As a special offering to all the moms, I'm offering my book GEORGIA ON MY MIND as a Kindle freebie this weekend. If you've already read GEORGIA, then you know that the loss of my own mother, now almost eight years ago, featured prominently in this story. Much of what Georgie Quinn goes through after losing her mother mirrored my experiences. There's also a cast of irascible senior citizens in this book that are fashioned after my dad and his hilarious group of friends. And finally, you get three romances for the price of one when the Caldwell brothers meet Georgie and her two roommates. Get it for free here until Tuesday. If you have a Nook, Kobo or iPad and want to read Georgia, you can download the free Kindle app to any device with an internet connection and get the free copy.

In other news, I was excited to hear this week that Harlequin will be bringing out the Fatal Series in mass market paperback under the HQN imprint starting in the fall of 2013 and going forward from there. I'm looking forward to gaining some new readers of the series through this offering, and I signed on for two more books in the series, Fatal Attack and Fatal Mistake. I'm looking forward to getting back to work on Fatal Attack when I get the recovered items off my damaged hard drive--hopefully by Tuesday of this week. What an ordeal that turned out to be. Note to all who rely on computers: back up more often than I did and don't drop your laptop.

Have a great Sunday!


flchen1 said...

How wonderful, Marie! Thanks for sharing all the good news, and hope you're having a lovely day being celebrated :)

Marie Force said...

Thanks Fedora! Hope you had a great Mother's Day too!

Our Family said...

As a new fan to your writing...I could not be more excited that you are adding to the Fatal Series. There are so many more stories to tell there and I'm not ready to say goodbye to Nick and Sam. Please tell me you are going to expand on the Terry and Lindsay relationship. :)


Marie Force said...

Thanks for your note Heather. Glad you are looking forward to more of the Fatal Series. I'm also glad you enjoyed Lindsey and Terry's story in Fatal Flaw. Not sure yet where I'm going to take them. Time will tell! Much more coming from Sam and Nick!