Friday, March 19, 2010

Why I Love Facebook

When I was a high school junior, I had a friend named Cindy. She and her family had come to the Newport, RI area for one year so her father, a Marine Corps officer, could attend the Naval War College. Cindy and I hit it off and became fast friends. I remember she drove a yellow Volkswagen beetle (the original version), and we used to zoom around town together. One day I asked her to teach me to drive her car, a stick shift. We pulled into a parking lot, traded places, and I looked down at the floor. "What's the third pedal for?" I asked her. She gave me a shocked look and said, "Get the hell out of my car!" After having owned several cars with standards transmissions, I find that memory even more funny! At the end of the school year, Cindy and her family moved on, and I never saw her again. I think we kept in touch for a while (the memory is sketchy on that), but lost track of each other over time. A few months ago, she popped up on Facebook and we're back in touch. I hadn't realized how much I'd missed Cindy until I heard from her again. That's one reason why I love Facebook.

Since I separated my friends/family page from my author page, my author page has grown in leaps and bounds to nearly 2,000 friends, most of whom are in some way connected to the romance business—either as readers or writers. I've met so many new people who've gone out and bought my books after getting to know me on Facebook. Some of them have also become active readers here on my blog. I'm grateful for every one of my new friends, and they are 2,000 more reasons why I love Facebook.

Earlier this year, my little family of four embarked on a family project to find a new dog. Consuela has been gone almost a year, and we felt ready to start again with a new pet. We scoured the Internet, visited local shelters (a few too depressing for words) and put the word out that we were actively looking. Our search was going nowhere fast until I posted a notice to my personal friend/family page and the network kicked into gear. A friend of my cousin's who I haven't seen in years, but who I'm friends with on Facebook, had a coworker whose college-age daughter had a puppy that was too much for her to care for. (Did you follow that?) We connected via Facebook, exchanged a few e-mails and that's how Brandy the dog came to live with us this week. Brandy is just the latest reason why I love Facebook.

Have you had any blasts from the past or interesting networking experiences on Facebook? I haven't ventured into Twitter yet. I'm too afraid of being taken over. Any thoughts on that? Are you my friend on Facebook? If not, click on the link to the right and join my fan page (as much as I hate that they call it that—sounds so egotistical! LOL)


Judy F said...

I am new to Facebook. Don't do much on it yet. My computer sucks so it locks me up everytime I leave facebook. LOl

I haven't had any stories like yours yet. But one neat thing is to relate to my nieces as adults on it. I get news and stuff on my wall that makes my day.

I did have the pleasure of ignoring a friend reguest of someone I used to work with who made my life a living hell. Like I was going to say yes to that one. LOL

Marie Force said...

Haha, Judy! I've ignored a few friend requests from people I have no desire to be back in touch with. Life is too short! LOL! We are mean and evil, but so be it! For the most part I absolutely adore hearing from my adult nieces and other far-flung friends. My teenage niece and nephew won't friend me. Yet. HA!

Mary G said...

Hi Marie
Haven't ventured near facebook yet as I don't know how much of a time suck it would be. You're not mean & evil if there are people you don't want to friend because of past experiences. I call it self-preservation.

Marie Force said...

Facebook is sooooo fun, even if a bit of a time suck (try having two separate accounts—oy!) But so worth the many new connections and reconnections with old friends! Thanks for giving me a pass on being mean and evil! LOL

Aimee Hadley said...

Facebook is so much fun! I have reconnected with some friends from long ago...however Twitter can become an obsession and a great way to connect with people...