Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's All in a Name...

Did you all see the news yesterday that Emily was knocked out of the top position as the most popular girl's name in America? Did you happen to notice that Jacob continued to reign as the top boy's name? Yes, those are my kids' names. LOL! There are six Emily's in her 8th grade class and at least four Jacobs in his 4th grade class. Back when I named my kids, I didn't know anyone who had kids with either name. Despite the "common-ness" I don't regret either name. Emily was ALWAYS my name for a girl and Jake was the only boy's name Dan and I could agree on--and Jake is eternally grateful because his father was interested in the name Cleetus for a boy--and NO, I am NOT kidding. He thought Cleet Force would be a cool name. Jake thanks God every day for his wiser, saner mother. I think we might someday have a dog named Cleetus as I had to make several concessions in rejecting my husband's very serious attempt to name my child that. I believe my exact words were, "The day you can push a 9-pound baby out your hoo-ha, you can name it Cleetus." (Luckily for me and my hoo-ha, the nine pound baby with the very large head came out via C-section, just like his sister.)

I love names and naming characters, and I love that old-fashioned names are back in vogue. Our nieces are Elizabeth, Anne, Patricia, Amy, Sara, Claire, Mary Grace and Isabel. Now those are some old names--and some of those nieces are in their 30s, so again, they were given those names before they were "back"! I have used a lot of older names in my books, as well. In fact, one of my favorite parts of writing is naming characters.

What are some of your favorite names?

I want to also say thank you for all the cards, emails, phone calls, and tremendous words of support about our recent loss. We sure miss Consuela and all her sweet, funny ways. I swear I still hear her paws clicking on the hardwood floors. We hope that she and Roscoe are having a grand reunion in dog heaven and are spending their days chasing blue racketballs and eating biscuits.


Kendra Leigh Castle said...

OMG, CLEETUS??!! Wow. It's a good thing men CAN'T push a baby out of their hoo-has. And that they don't even really have a hoo-ha with which to attempt it. I love the name Jake. It was always on my list, but never made it to the top spot. What is it with men and their refusal to understand that they really shouldn't get equal say in this matter?

Anyway, I think old-fashioned names are the best. I've got Madeleine (who is forever doomed to have her name spelled wrong by everyone, but I love it the French way), Connor, which was always my boy name since the sixth grade (and owes probably a great deal to Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod), and Jack, who is one of roughly five zillion Jacks right now but I don't care.

My sister is going to have a baby boy in August, but she won't reveal her name choices, so I have dubbed him "Baby Bob," which is driving her insane. It's good to be the big sister:-)

Cool post, Marie! And for the record, I have always loved the name Emily as well. It's so feminine.

Judy F said...

I am so glad you one on the boy name. men. LOL

I love the old fashioned name too. My grandma's name was Annabelle just love how it sounds. My grandfather was Christian.

Marie Force said...

LOL Kendra, do you feel my PAIN?? He justified this jack-assery by telling me it was a Biblical name. SO? The sad part is he was DEAD SERIOUS. Sat me down and made his case. Before the hoo-ha comment, I said, "Not in this or any other lifetime that you spend with me will you name my child something so stupid and red-necky." I believe he made some comment about hoping he didn't have to spend the next lifetime with me, too. Right back atcha buddy! :-)

I love your children's names and have used every one of them in my various books except for Connor. However, I need a boy's name for my WIP so maybe I will use that!

Judy, I had a boyfriend named Christian many moons ago and always loved that name, too!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Well, back in Medieval Times when I was in school every other girl was named Cindy, Debbie, or Linda. When was the last time you met someone under 30 named Debbie or Linda? Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on my mood) Cindy has remained fairly popular.

When my son was born, all the "J" names for boys were en vogue -- Jason, Joshua, Justin. So I figured NO PROBLEM when I named him Colin. I went through all my school years designated as Cindy M. :-( Wouldn't you know it, the first preschool my son attended there was another Colin and not only that, they were both Colin M! Oh and ALL the girls my son went to grade school with were either named Heather or Melissa.

I have a niece Emily, who was born on my birthday. I've always loved that name! And after Cleetus, almost ANY boy name would sound good!

Marie Force said...

I agree, Cindy! Nothing you can do with Cleetus! Funny about Colin. That's become a popular name around here where a lot of Irish people live. I named a character Colin in one of my books!

Cheryl Brooks said...

Cleetus? OMG, Cleetus? Are you SURE it was Cleetus? Love your line about the hoo-ha, but it shouldn't have been necessary...
I named my kids Mike and Sam because I didn't want them to have names no one could pronounce or spell. But nowadays no one seems to be able to spell correctly, especially parents who are trying to name their children!
PS: My verification word was "dericab." Is that the new word for a huge hind end?

Marie Force said...

Oh yes, I am sure it was Cleetus, Cheryl. We talked about it again last night with our friends who told him the kid would be called Clitorus, do you KNOW that? He said no way, they'd call him Cleet, to which someone said um, no, they'd call him Clit. Jay-sus!

Hope you're all having a lovely mother's day! I was just served a yummy breakfast in bed by my guys!

donna said...

I missed this post Sat.
My kids names are Deanna Rae, Ryan Scott,
I thought names similiar to my RG and I would be cool. My
Granddaughters Aubrey, Julia
Cleetus like in Cleetus T. Judd
That's a Redneck name if I ever heard one.

Marie Force said...

For a second there, Donna, I thought you were saying your grandson was named Cleetus! PHEW!

donna said...

Thank Goodness No.
My GrandDog is Clutch Though.